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Heya peeps long time no see! If I can get some help or some suggestions of finding cosplay makers specialized in Pokemon related ones especially with Gijinka kind of style. I really have a cool idea for one and money is no issue! Thanks! X3
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Hey anybody doing plush commissions so they maybe can make a mijumaru shell like the one below? Heck I may want something even more like a hoodie that looks like mijumaru (with cute ears popping up and junk lol), but for now I want to see if anyone can do the simple shell making first! Let me know if anyone can or can request someone who does them so I can look into it. Thanks guys! :3

Shell example:…
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Heya guys! Hope everyone is having a lovely winter cause I'm not! Naw I'm just tired of all the snow New York is getting lol Anyway, I had a blast at Ohayo Con & working on con vids to show ya the stuff that happened there! For now though, I want to show you guys my new blog! I made this blog awhile back and realized I just haven't been using it enough like the other sites I use. Granted, I felt a bit intimidated by others & how they did their blogs showing their artwork, but of course ya don't only have to use a blog for that. So I thought maybe I can start it out by talking bout the things I love in general. So not only will I update this page and my blog with artwork (new/old), but also with SMA news, con stuff, Anime/Manga news, video games, etc. Basically everything I always love talking bout with my friends now I can expand more on here! I am a reviewer on Comics Online where I can also express myself, but I feel very limited to how much I can do especially since I'm assign to only certain things so, this blog is perfect! I started off with some news bout Pokemon as I am a huge fan & just love talking bout how it's expanded so far to this day! More stuff with come like I said & I'll try to update it as much as possible! Hope ya enjoy! Also, don't forget to check out the SMA website as it's been updated and made fabulous by KrisRix & roll002! SMA is back baby! X3

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Was gonna make a video, but ran out of time (maybe I will when I come back). For now, here's a bunch of updates! If ya haven't heard, SMA is coming back & has some changes! We asked our friend, Elana, to help edit SMA for us because I've been stressed with working on the episodes as well as finding work/trying to write pitch books/storyboard a short film/having a life & so forth. So yeah, this lessens the load for me & I still mix, script as well as play the same roles so, no worries. The only change to the cast is EvilChicken25 who is now playing Darien! He's a huge fan of SMA & we love his stuff so, we asked for his help especially since Eric HATES the role of Darien. So yeah, look out for a new episode very soon because I just sent all the audio files to her! Yaaaaaay! While that's happening, I'll be off to Ohayo Con! Hopefully, I won't have too much of a delay what with the snow & all. I'm going to hang with a bunch of abridging buddies like SamuraiKH2 & NathanGraves989 as well as some of my other friends! Plus, they're are some awesome guests & panels so, I'm very excited! I'll get plenty of pics/vids to show ya all on the SMAChannel! If ya want to meet up with us, I picked some places I may go to so, check it out on the bottom! If not, hope ya all have a great weekend! :3

SMA Update Vid:…
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Check out EvilChicken25's Gargoyles Abridged:…

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(I may go to some of these so, check em out! I'm going all 3 days!)
VAing VS Stage Acting - Panels 2 (Delaware A-B) 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Chris Sabat Roast - (Battelle Hall) 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Karaoke - Panels 7 (Grant - Harding) 11:30 PM - 1:30 AM

Anime Name That Tune - Panels 1 (Franklin A-D) 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Hetalia Panel - Main Events (Battelle Hall) 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Dub Workshop - Panels 3 (Delaware C-D) 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
How to be a VA - Panels 3 (Delaware C-D) 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Anime Abridge Panel -  Panels 1 (Franklin A-D) 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Axis Powers Hetalia Panel - Panels 1 (Franklin A-D) 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Who's Line Unrated - Panels 1 (Franklin A-D) 1:00 AM - 2:30 AM
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Here's my update list as we get closer to the new year!

1. SMA on Blip!
As you should all know, SMA episodes are slowly going up on blip! Sorry it's taking so long, but were all very busy with school/work/holiday stuff & it's a long process getting them all uploaded on there. Once Season 1 (Episodes 1 - 40) are up, we'll upload the SMA Movie: Promise of the Lost Rose followed by Season 2, all the bloopers so far & any other SMA extras (contests, comment specials, etc.). We've been making separate videos on youtube for each episode with the links to blip so, old/new fans can find each episode or ya favorite ones easier. These videos are being posted on both Megami36 & the SMA Channel in case one gets taken down (ya never know). SMA vlogs/con footage will continue to go on the SMA Channel while fandubs/other projects will continue to go on Megami36 as that was originally my fandub account. I may also bring back some other stuff such as the commentaries & such, but I'm making sure all the SMA stuff is taken care of first! Doesn't mean, I won't sing a song every once in awhile lol

2. New SMA Episodes/Bloopers/etc!
Of course, we've been working on new episodes as well; most of which have been scripted & recorded! So as a special present for all you awesome fans that supported us, were gonna give ya a new SMA episode near Xmas! Yay! Then every couple of weeks, will continue with more new episodes along with new bloopers & maybe a special or two! So no worries! Were not done just yet!

3. SMA iTunes & Xmas Album for download!
Speaking of updates, thanks to blip we have an easier way to update our iTunes! So far, we got SMA Episodes Season 1 (1 - 35) with more to come! Please be patient with that as well. We also had an idea for those that missed out on our SMA Xmas Album last year. This time, we thought it be easier to give out mp3's instead of CD's, but were trying to figure out the best way to give them out! We sort of want to do a download system at a low cost in which, you get the entire album full of many creative, funny, classic Xmas songs sung by ya favorite scouts. If anyone knows how to do something like that or can help in anyway, let us know! We sure love to spread the Xmas cheer with our beautiful voices lol

iTunes Store Link:…

4. SMA shirts on sale for Xmas!
SMA shirts are on clearance! Nice & cheap! Perfect presents to give to ya buddies for the holidays! Why not grab some swag & spread the word of SMA! Hell yeah! Also, send us ya pics with ya showing off ya shirt & we may use ya as models for the site! Don't forget the awesome Yugioh Abridge & DBZA swag there as well! It's an Abridgers Christmas baby!

Shark Robot Store:…

Things have been a tad slow since my studio is still not finished yet. Also, I get easily depressed...I'm an artist what can I say lol Anyway, it's coming out really well though! After it's finished, I'm gonna be cracking on some short film ideas I had. Heck, maybe I'll get back to some of my pitch book ideas. Also, gonna be making an Animation reel so, I can try to find some work (yeah aren't we all lol) I'm also gonna work on a Animation/Commercial demo reels so, I can try to do some voice work as well. I may actually get a small job in the city for the Food Network so, wish me luck with that. I'll post those demos up on my backup account or maybe another account to show ya guys my progress. I'm thinking of doing commissions for now so, look out for news on that or ask me if ya want something drawn for cheap! I'll update more of my stuff on deviant soon to show ya what else I can do.

Here's some details about next year's cons that were going to!

1. Ohayo Con 2011(
From January 28th - 30th, I'll be partying with a bunch of my friends at Ohayo Con! Just enjoying the con & hanging with some good skype buddies of mine (some are also abridgers). So if ya wanna join the fun, come to this awesome con! They have a great guest list too so, ya know it's worth it!

2. AnimeNext 2011 (
Course, the SMA Crew will make their return to AnimeNext from June 10th - 12th! We may even do a panel again & have some new shirts! Too early to say, but we usually go to this con & it's fun! So if ya wanna meet us, ya got plenty of time to save for this con lol

There's a few others I'm going to as well, but for now I'm gonna wait on saying what those are. That's about it for now! Till next time! X3

SMA Blip (Episodes 1-20 are up!):

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The Blaze Show Interview! Check it out!…
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This weekend, the SMA Crew are guests at this little, gamer con called the New Paltz Convention! Were gonna do an SMA Panel & just have fun with some buddies! So here's a schedule of stuff were doing/places you can find us! We might not be there or stay for the entire time at some things though. After it's over, I'll update the blog with upcoming news about SMA, cons, work & other stuff! :3

Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
$6 - General Admission for the weekend
$3 - General Admission for SUNY New Paltz students for the weekend
NPC Website… (Click NPC tab for more info!)
NPC Facebook Page… (Schedule up!)

Student Union Multi-Purpose Room: Tournament Room
- King of Fighters 98 (12:00 PM - 1:30 PM)
- Super Smash Bros. Brawl (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Student Union 62/63: Special Event Room
- The Eggman Cometh: Mike Pollock Panel (4:30 PM - 6:00 PM)
- Sailor Moon: The Abridged Series Panel (6:00 PM - 7:30 PM)

Student Union 401/405: Movie Room
- Red Vs. Blue: Season One (11:00 AM - 12:30 PM)
- Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Season One (12:30 PM - 2:30 PM)
- Dragon Ball Z: The Abridged Series Season One (5:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

Special Events:
- NPC Idol: Karaoke Contest (8:00 PM)

SUNDAY (Leaving early)
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Panel (11:30 AM - 1:00 PM)

SMA Website (UPDATED!)
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Gonna try to use this blog a bit more as well as update my deviant with old & new work! Be patient k! Update on upcoming SMA stuff, cons & more coming soon! X3
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Whew busy, busy, busy! So here's another update list!

SMA Episode 43 is finally done! I'm gonna try to get more episodes out every 2-3 weeks! The rest of the gang will also do their best to update the website, podcasts, vlogs, etc. Probably will also switch off with some more bloopers too! Also, some people were complaining about the quality of the video, which if people actually read the wonderful description I wrote out lol it explains why it's like that. Also, I feel as long as ya can see/hear what's happening I don't think it has to be perfect. It's just a silly parody after all. Not like I can really sell these episodes or anything lol Anyway, it was really an establishing episode for the scouts to get back together (also, if your an SM fan, you'll see a lot of references relating to what's happening with Serena & the scouts) trust me the next episodes are going to be even better!

I will be storyboading a new animated short with some friends. "Criss & Cross" has been put on hold for now as I feel I need to work on something new. Right now, the short is called, "Simon's Fireflies" based on a cute story KrisRix told me. Still working on a internship, which is going pretty well (can't go into details). I'm working on a pitch book with some friends for a kids show. All I can say is it involves monsters. Anyway, I got a great writer to help me with the Bible & some awesome contacts that may help it get on the air maybe someday. Will just have to get it done as soon as possible & hope for the best.  I'm also trying to find my old hard drive too so I can start putting up some old artwork I have. It's been hectic at home cause my house is getting redone so, I'm a bit disorganized. Might do commissions soon too so look out for that!

Here's some details about the upcoming cons were going to!

- The SMA Crew (Megami33, KrisRix, roll002 & whip0falchemy) will be attending of course our hometown con in NY! Along with Kroze kun, we'll be doing interviews for Comics Online as well as just enjoy ourselves! Will hopefully be able to sell some of our SMA shirts there & if you want we can sign them for ya! When the con gets closer, I'll put up a schedule on the places that you can find us!

- I'll be going back to YoumaCon once again to hang out with my TFS boys along with LK, Kroze kun & many others! We'll have a TFS panel as well as a few other surprises lol Also, I'll see if I can bring some SMA shirts there too! I'll put up a schedule on the places that you can find all of us as the con gets closer!

- Last con, as of now, is the New Paltz Game Con! The SMA Crew (Megami33, KrisRix & roll002; maybe judgement915) will be guests there! We'll have an SMA Panel, Karaoke contest & maybe a few other surprises. Plus, will be selling our SMA shirts as well as various artwork mostly done by the fabulous KrisRix! There will be lots of video game tournaments & sweet VA's as well. It's a two day con, but we can make it a blast either way!

That's about it for now! Till next time! X3

SMA Episode 43:…

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New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con 2010:…

YoumaCon 2010:

New Paltz Game Con 2010:…
(Find & click NPC button to get more info on the site)
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Man can't believe it's been three years! It wouldn't have made it this far if not for all the fans out there! The support & patience you gave us helped us make a pretty kick ass parody series if I do say so myself lol It was thanks to this series too that I got to bond with soo many people & make soo many friends along the way! Got to give a shot out to Martin (aka Little Kuriboh) for starting such a craze & also my friend Nathangraves989 for helping me meet a lot of people that are now my best buds! (a lot of them adorable boys I might add heh heh). Course I got to thank my buds Kris (KrisRix), Eric (roll002), Christian (judgement915), Brit (whip0falchemy) god just soo many amazing people that were there for me & that helped with this! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our work & we hope you continue to enjoy it! And for those that have no clue what I'm talking bout no worries! Ya can check out all this nonsense here & be hooked as well lol Anyway, thanks again & hope everyone had a great summer! Luv ya all! X3




Also, new SMA shirts now available on Shark Robot! Yay! :D…
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Hey guys how are ya all? Sorry I'm not much of a blog type person and I'm not always good with these updates, but I thought I try these a little more. This is probably not the best place to put all this info, but its really the only thing I use to say stuff besides my youtube. (Trying to make one of those blog type pages, but eh I'm so slow with setting them up... excuses I know U^ ^) Anyway, I have had one hectic year filled with heartbreak, death and assholes. I'm just glad that I have so many friends and fans that are supportive of me to help me get through all this crap. I was especially happy how well Anime Next 2010 turned out! Everyone luved our costumes (thx Eric), the first SMA Panel was a huge success, everyone enjoyed the Promo idea we came up with and we got to meet so many awesome people! I was also appreciative for those that gave me b-day gifts including home made Sailor Moon plushies lol Thx again everyone for being so supportive of SMA! Being able to give ya guys some laughter especially during your hectic times makes me happy to know I can help in some small way. The only downside is were still having some complications with our shirts, but will let ya know as soon as their online! Now on to some updates:

I'm still trying my best working on "Criss & Cross." It's coming out pretty well I think and I've had some of my friends help out with some of the inking (Bun, Eric & Malcolm luv ya :3). I also have an internship, which I can't really talk about, but it's cool to be working with someone professional. Season 2 of SMA (Sailor Moon Abridge) is on a bit of a hiatus due to my work, but will start back up around August so, no worries. We've also been checking out the entries for our contest and we found some great gems! Thx for all those that entered and there's still time for more entries so keep them coming! Still doing various voice work for abridge serieses/fandubs/etc so, that's going good. I was also able to sing for one of JesuOtaku's video shows, "New Lyrics" where she makes lyric adaptations to certain openings to Anime shows. I got to sing, "Sore ga Ai desho" aka "That's Love" and it turned out pretty well for one day of practice lol (she had to get it out quick so, I didn't have much time on it.) It's gotten a lot of positive feedback and I'm also happy that the people on here critique more than those on youtube so, I can better myself next time I sing another one. For those that don't know her, she's an Anime reviewer on so go check her out (she's probably the best Anime reviewer on the site in my opinion). Thx again for the opportunity JesuOtaku! As for cons, I'll be attending Anime Evolution 2010 in British Cloumbia as a guest with all my TFS boys, LK, Kroze kun and more! Also, “NiN10Doh! to the 64th Power” (a series of spoofs of Nintendo done by various & talented animators) will be premiering there that some of my friends and I did voices for (I also helped come up with a little Pokemon spoof lol). I might also be going to Otakon 2010 with some friends, but I'm still not sure yet so keep ya fingers crossed! I guess that's about it for now. I got to get back to work so thx for listening and if ya coming to the cons I mentioned let me know! Have a great day and wish me luck! X3  

See our first ever SMA Panel (5 Parts):…

Part 1:…
Part 2:…

To see the song I sung for JesuOtaku:…

Con info:
Anime Evolution 2010:
Otakon 2010:
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Heya peeps! I've been working like crazy on many things. I'm trying to finish up my short animated film, "Criss & Cross," which is about two kittens trying catch a pigeon (sort of Tom & Jerry kind of humor lol). I'm also working on Season 2 of SMA (Sailor Moon Abridge) including more bloopers, a new contest and more! Doing various voice work for some abridge serieses/fandubs and working on some demos to try to get some professional work in the future. Also, doing some writing for some pitch book ideas that I want to start developing more! Not to mention I'm going to a lot of cons! Whoo! I also want to start doing a blog and upload more of my artwork on here to show you guys what I'm capable of. Let's hope I can do all of this lol It's gonna be a fun and productive summer that's for sure! X3
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